Can Housework Fix a Broken Marriage?

I talked to my psychiatrist today. He asked how my relationship with John was going. I started to tell him and then it dawned on me that I haven’t really thought about it lately. Has it happened again? Has he lulled me into a false state of security? I started to panic and blame myself for being so stupid again, but then I said to myself, “It’s okay. “

I’m still not wearing my wedding ring. I still have the divorce papers filed. I still haven’t planned our vacation in July. I may have started to enjoy the new John because he is being very nice, loving and patient, but I cannot forget that it won’t last. It has only been 6 weeks since he said he will go for therapy. He has gone twice.

I am very suspicious that he isn’t telling his therapist the whole story. After his first visit I was asked to write two things that I would like John to do. I wrote a paragraph about how he treats me and the family. The first thing I wanted him to do is to treat us better.

John came home with a chore list from the therapist. Not a chore list of things he should work on, but a list to organize his family to do chores, literally chores. Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen etc. She must have been told by John that this was the whole reason for our problems.


2 thoughts on “Can Housework Fix a Broken Marriage?

  1. God I hope so! Reconciliation will only build a better tomorrow for our communities and society as a whole. If relinquishing pressures of house work or even communicating it and giving it an outlet helped ease some tensions- that’s great! Our home is a major tension and my boyfriend only likes to communicates so much. He communicates in passive aggressive hostile ways, and so do I and it is really painful!
    Best of luck to you and I hope you still plan and go on that must needed vacation!


  2. While I don’t think housework will solve all your relationship issues, I can say that it can help. It’s kind of funny because I had a therapist tell my wife to write me a list long ago… But what I can say is if you believe in the treatment it has a better chance at succeeding.


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