The Perfect Sandal

This post really is about sandals. Really, no life anecdote or clever comparison to how we live our lives. Seriously, all about shoes and how they can uplift the spirits and confidence level of the wearer.

Strangely though, I tend to be a bit stingy with my shoes. I like a pair and then I wear the hell out of them. I only have about five pair of shoes per season, but they are the best shoes.

Recently I had a pair of wedge sandals that I got so many compliments on. Then the strap broke! Mother’s Day I set off on a mission. OMG my missions are infamous! Not just to me, but to everyone I bore with the search of the perfect “____” fill in the blank. The perfect baptism dress, mother of the bride dress, cousin of the bride dress (bought two of those), funeral dress (found fairy quickly, I must have been channeling Jackie), shoes for the baptism dress and so on and so on.

Amazon came yesterday and I will be displaying the perfect wedge sandal in the office tomorrow, standing, of course!




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