Breaking Bad in Bed

Last Saturday I hurt my back by sitting on the floor against the couch.  I was showing John new photos I’d had printed from the computer.  I hadn’t done it in three years or so, I had over 200. Sitting there for only five minutes I felt my lower back begin to strain.

When I finally did get up I started to complain.  Long story short I spent the next day in bed with  ice/heat every 20 minutes and a therapeutic dosage of ibuprofen.

I had to get to work on Monday!  The hammer was coming down on that nagging co-worker I’m always going on about.  I did end up at work only to find out the hammer wasn’t coming until Wednesday!

Alison was great nursing me all day.  John gives it a good try too, but he has such a military bedside manner. Barking out questions:

“Need anything?”  “Here, take this.” “Hungry?” “What do you need?”

Happy ending; rest in bed and a Breaking Bad binge!


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