To Fold or Not to Fold

I can only do my laundry in stages. Maybe it’s me or my ADHD  (maybe everyone else does their laundry this way and I am being paranoid as usual).

I do it all on Saturdays or Sundays and sometimes both.  Sort, wash, dry, fold and put away (SWDFPA).  I can’t do it after 4:00 because it will sit and mildew in the washer, too late to get through the SWDFPA cycle.  It’s a regimented chaotic system I have developed.

So, at the end of a long weekend day of SWDFPA, I don’t always get to fold the monstrous pile on the bed.  That really sucks when one has had their allocated two glasses of wine and decides to finally throw in the towel (no pun intended) and go to bed.

It is a vicious circle, a “Catch 22” if you will.  I want to flop into bed because of the laundry yet can’t, because of the laundry.

This is when the fight of wills ensues.  Pull all the clothes to one side and go to bed anyway? It’s worked before…..  Transfer them to the couch? No, I would be a hypocrite. (My husband puts dried clothes on the living room couch which is the reason I will murder him one day.)

Do you know that folding clothes after a couple of glasses of wine really wrecks a good buzz?


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