I tend to ramble just a bit; I’ve been this way all my life, blurting out anything that is on my mind.  I am actually a lot better at using a filter than I used to be so I don’t have as many of these stories as I used to.  It’s one thing doing it with family, but it is totally embarrassing when you start doing it to other random people in your life.

I am very good friends with two of my office co-workers.  The other day we were walking through the halls on some important mission when out of the blue…

Me:        So, do you think I’m too old for a side ponytail?

They both looked at me as if I’d asked them for a ménage trio.

Them:   Why?

Me:        Well, Allison gave me one last night, I liked it, she wears one and she is eleven.  Plus, I don’t want to be matchy matchy with her.

I still haven’t had the nerve to actually go out in public with one yet.  I did and then changed my mind in the car.  That really hurt. Have you ever tried to drag a side ponytail over to the middle again?  You get all those little hairs caught in the hair tie and there’s nothing to be done except pull them and feel the pain.


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