Geek vs. Eccentric

I’m not sure if you’ve already read the “screamo” post earlier, but that was the night it was brought to my attention that at least my family thinks that I am a geek.  I don’t have any idea what the criteria of a geek is.  Actually, just like everyone, unless you are “beautiful”, “rich” or “thin” no one likes to be labeled.  Especially when it is a false label! Which this clearly is!

“I am an outsider,” I say, “not a Geek!

A nerd?  Creative?  Eccentric? Or am I everything? Maybe I am granted a pass to all extreme or weird behavior because I have been diagnosed with BPII (Bipolar II). I’m shortening Bipolar II now. I’m tired of writing the whole thing out. It makes me feel like I am trying too hard to make that distinction between the manic depressive kind and the kind I have.  I guess I am trying hard because it still does matter what people think of me.

My sister said the other day, “We always considered Aunty Katherine the eccentric in the family, then we thought it was Daniel (our cousin).  It turns out it was you all along”.

I still haven’t got back to her exactly how I feel about this.  And the fact that obviously there has been some great discussion going on behind the scenes about where I belong in the family.  I mean really, Daniel has been dethroned as the resident crazy person and now the crown has been passed to me? Should I have been watching for the smoke to turn white?


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