Old Navy Humiliation

Oh, no! Not another weight issue post! Sorry, but it is so. Today, though, it is justified.

Today I was in Old Navy. I saw a dress that I thought could double as a tunic with leggings. I held it up lengthwise to check the length. It was good on the length but seemed a bit wide so I measured it against my hips and it was fine. I put it over my arm with the other items I had selected.

After fifteen minutes of looking around for Allison I went to the dressing rooms to see if she’d ended up there. I called her name at each door to no avail. The sales girls were very nice and said they would keep an eye out for her as well. I was almost to the point of doing an “ALL CALL” over the inter com. Seconds from having them lock the doors and call 911 she turned up with one of the sales girls. I was so relived, but played it cool. “Oh, there you are”, I said casually.

We walked toward the dressing room through the maternity section, didn’t know they had a maternity section actually. Obviously, because that was where I has selected my tunic. Oh, the humiliation!


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