Stupid* Bad Day

I’ve heard of these things happening, but until it happens to you it isn’t interesting. My stupid* GPS led me to a field in the middle of nowhere today! I could see a house out there so I thought I was going in the right direction through the brush. Then the “road” ended and I had to four wheel it in my husband’s Jetta to turn around.

Oh, yeah. I had the Jetta because while out last night the  Outback was making a stupid* knocking sound. For weeks the knocking that I had been noticing intermittently realized itself by stalling when trying to shift into first gear. I barely made it home.

I hate John’s Jetta. It has a stupid* gear system. At least once a trip I put it into 3rd instead of 1st and it stalls. I then have to realize it, because I usually have the music up too loud. After realizing it I have to turn the key off and on again (which takes more time than you want when you are coasting through an intersection with 15 cars behind you). Driving home from the field tonight was a little different though. I had a stupid* police car following me from the highway all the way until I almost got to my street. And what do you think happened while I was going through the left turn signal? You are correct! I stalled the stupid* thing!!! Luckily he didn’t seem to notice, but by that time I was in a panic and sweating profusely from my upper lip. It really wasn’t a pleasant day at all.

*We all know what I am really thinking.


5 thoughts on “Stupid* Bad Day

  1. I hate getting lost! it happens to me all the time, in fact just last week it happened and reduced me to tears. I’m sorry you had a bad day.


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