Blizzard Conditions

Ever ended up in a ditch during a blizzard?  I did.

That would’ve been enough for one weekend I think, but oh no, it didn’t begin there.  Being forced into a ditch was only the middle of the trip from hell.  I’ve had some pretty bad days in my life as you can imagine and this was one of my worst.

Let me start at the beginning with driving in freezing fog.  I had the defrost on full blast to help keep the windshield from completely freezing over.

Next there was the aforementioned blizzard.  Snow packed roads and two accidents.

I finally got off the highway only to experience near white out conditions. That is when a Subaru came hurling towards me spinning out of control and forced me into a ditch. I held it together for long enough to call AAA, but after that it was not a pretty sight.  I called John and burst into tears.  I had done everything right the whole trip, I had been so strong and careful, but a sympathetic voice broke through the dam.

I sat there for about 20 minutes until miraculously a man that owned a ranch down the road drove his tractor to me and pulled my car out!  Seriously this happened! Surely my luck had turned.

I took off again, this time the weather slowly got better.  All I had to deal with were a few white out ground blizzards because of the 50 mph wind gusts.  No problem.

I arrived at my destination, found the place easily and pulled in.  I took a couple of deep breaths and reflected just how strong I was during that ordeal.  I had gone through hell and managed to make it out the other side.

Feeling triumphant, although a little shaky, I opened the car door. The wind caught it and it hit the car beside me.


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