Living Between Bono References

I began to delete my old text messages because I still have all of them since purchasing my phone in 2012. Does everyone do that? Keep their text messages forever?

My daughter, Emily, sent me a few photos and a text message from an Obama Rally she was attending in 2012.

A conversation ensued:

            Me:  I can’t believe how close you got.  Too bad it wasn’t Bono.

            Emily: I know I kept thinking that! They played a lot of U2 at the rally.

            Me: Do you know that Bono is in the iPhone’s spell checker?

            Emily: Yes, just realized that and it’s awesome! I think he deserves it.

            Me: Thanks for putting up with me and all of my Bono references so enthusiastically.

This is pretty much the way I live my life, between Bono references.


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