What the #!*$@ now?

What to write about? What to write about? Hmmm, I’ll write about PTSD shall I?

Right out of left field it hit me.  Going along minding my own business and then POW! Something went wrong at work and it was my fault. I tell you, it is exhausting trying to be perfect all the time to avoid such blind sides.

I somehow shakily made it to my friend’s office and closed the door in time to burst into a quiet sob. My mind was in chaos.  Simultaneously trying to calm myself and understand what the hell was going on again.

I am usually so stoic and have such a calm exterior that everyone rallied around me thinking it must be something pretty serious.  What could possibly bring her to her knees like this?  I never try to explain it, no one would understand.

I’m six again being screamed at by Sister Ann. I’m eight being screamed at by Sister Sean.  I’m ten being bullied by Josephine and Karen.  I’m…you get the pattern. Except the difference is no one was yelling at me.  No one was even the least bit annoyed or accusatory. I guess all I needed was just a whiff of disapproval.

And then there is my shame.  PTSD is usually associated with war, incest, near death experiences.  What’s my deal?

This is the first time this has happened since I’ve been “well”.  Doubting all of that now. Just how many pharmaceuticals is it going to take?


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