I had a blog years ago, actually it was about 5 years ago, it didn’t amount to much.  I forgot about it until recently.  This entry made me feel nostalgic and a bit misty because my eleven year old “middle school-er” is almost 17.

Here is what I wrote back then:

My son is suffering from the terrible elevenses and, therefore, causing those responsible for him to suffer as well.

What do I mean by the terrible elevenses (TE)?

If you must ask this, obviously your children are 10 and under or you are happily childless.

Terrible elevenses become obvious to we parents around the entrance of 6th grade or as it is here middle school (MS). For me it was junior high, terrible elevenses were actually 12 and they were known as just plain puberty. But, because of middle school, we have a new syndrome.

Now, the terrible elevenses, don’t take their full terribleness (making up words today) effect until about 6 weeks in. The first 6 weeks are the innocent time where they are scared to be in a new huge school and are not feeling like 6th graders, but kindergartners.

Unfortunately, as children have a tendency to do, they adjust to their new huge school and think they are not an eleven year old 6th grader, but a “middle school-er”.

Also being a “middle school-er” means I have become stupid and everything (even hard boiled eggs) must be argued against.

My son is learning about sex, drugs, the Ku Klux Klan, global warming and the holocaust…but, isn’t he just 11? Isn’t he just a 6th grader?

As I am writing this, I am feeling that awful feeling of panic that comes when your children start to grow into a new phase. That feeling that you are actually letting them go down the slide by themselves or walk to school alone.

This is my second child to experience this, I don’t like it one bit! I want him to grow up and be a man, independent and safe. But today I really just want him to sit on my knee so I can read him a story.


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