Broken Record

I’m proud to announce that an old record was broken tonight! My old record was getting two children and I ready for work and school from bed to out the door  in 30 minutes flat. That includes hair straightening and breakfast!

This is my new record:

4:15   Left for the Physical Therapist appointment scheduled for 4:30.

4:45   Therapist was late. I told him Allison has to be at piano lessons at 5:30.

“How far is it?” he asks.

“Five minutes”, I reply.

“I’ll get you there,” he reassures me confidently.

“Maybe too confidently?” I think nervously.

The therapist called the aide in and they began to “tag team” each shoulder. Handing me some green lens “laser” glasses, the aide started the laser treatment on one shoulder while the therapist began some sort of “gwashing” (phonetically spelled) on the other shoulder. Then they switched.

After ten minutes of that, they began the “electrode” therapy. I wish I could give you the actual medical terminology of these treatments, but would you really care anyway?

5:20   Their bell dinged, time enough to get my coat on and drive across the parking lot to the piano lessons.

5:25   Dropped Allison off at piano lessons.

5:26   Drove to Hobby Lobby to get a poster board for Allison’s science project. Ran into a woman I know from work at the door of the store. I actually parked right next to her in the parking lot before she got out. I didn’t know there was anyone in the car and now I think I might have pissed her off because I drove in kind of fast. I was, as you know, trying to break a speed record.

In the store we exchanged pleasantries:

“Hi, Maggie, how’s it going”? I say wondering if she knew it was me who almost took her car door off.

“Just fine,” she says. Yes, I think she knew it was me.

“This is where all the cool people hang out,” I say pleasantly, feeling her coolness and realizing that was a really lame thing to say.

5:35 Drove to the grocery store and checked my watch, 25 minutes left.  I debated with myself and decided to try it. I parked as close as I could to the entrance and collected a shopping cart. I bought juice, bread, cereal, applesauce, yogurt and two packets of gold fish crackers (BOGO). No stories there, it went off without a hitch.

5:55   I arrive back at the piano lessons!

That, my friend, is a new record!


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