The Walrus

Right now I am listening to my 10 year old daughter singing along to The Walrus by the Beatles. She has Rock Band the Beatles and knows all the songs.  This time she is listening to it on You Tube on my iphone.  I know the words of the song and I am cringing during a certain refrain in case she sings about the “Boy, you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down. ”  Luckily she skips over that part, somehow it has gone by unnoticed.  How could it go unnoticed?  She knows all of the other words.  I used to sing the same song when I was her age.  In our house we only had The Beatles, Roger Whittaker and Johnny Mathis albums. I don’t remember what I thought about that part of the song, probably took it at face value and moved on to the Koo Koo Ka Chu chorus!  Ah innocence!


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